Patient Testimonials

Total Shoulder Replacement

When cortisone injections failed to relieve the pain in my worn out right shoulder, I visited Dr. Gulotta. He described the procedure, risks and probable outcome and inspired total confidence. My fears of horrible pain from the operation were completely unfounded. Thanks to a nerve block used on my shoulder during the operation, there was no pain at all for the first day or two and then very little after that. It’s now going on eight weeks post surgery and I’m able to do things with my shoulder that I could not do for the last several years. Dr. Gulotta showed me my xray at the first post-op visit. I saw my new shoulder and I remember telling my wife how beautiful I thought it was! He did a wonderful job – I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

-Mark Glowatz Locust Valley, NY

Knee and Shoulder Replacement Surgery

In 2001, I had my right knee replaced and in 2001, I had my left knee replaced. I was told it was either a wheel chair or replacement, so I chose the later. In 2011, I had my shoulder replaced due to a fall and severe arthritis. My surgeon, Dr. Gulotta, told me that in 6 months, I would be happy I had it done. Not so! I was happy in 6 weeks! I was so scared to have it done but it was the best thing I ever did. I had wonderful results from my knee surgery although it took about 6 months to appreciate what I went through. But my shoulder replacement was a piece of cake thanks to Dr. Gulotta – he’s a great doctor.

-Mary Tancredi Rocky Point, NY


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